Dear Secretary of Juliet, If you haven't already grasped the concept of this blog, I've stolen this idea from the movie, "Letters to Juliet." If you haven't watched the movie, heartbroken or lost women would write and post letters onto "Juliet's" wall in Verona, Italy. There had been four women that would take the letters and write back their answers to the women. They were called the "Secretaries of Juliet." I thought It'd be a great idea to do the same thing for the girls on Tumblr that needed the same guidance and answers. Now, I can't promise that I'll always be right. But, I can promise that I'll be here when you don't have anyone else or you simply would like to get something off your chest. All questions and posts that are submitted are welcome. Can't wait to hear from you lovelies. <3

piemors said: the blog seems pretty cool so far :) but i would recommend to change the theme cause it's a small box for each questiona and it's hard to see the full question or anwser. :)

Thanks for the suggestion, Love :) I will get on that right away :) 

Anonymous said: Thanks for following me! I never would've found you if you hadn't. Anyway, I need some advice... I like 2 guys right now. One is a total sweet heart, treats me so nicely and everything, and the other is more of a rebel. He introduces me to new things and has helped me live lately. I've been talking to both, and I don't know which one to choose! Please, please, please help! They're both really great guys. That's what makes this so hard!

I know how we are usually always drawn to the rebels. They have that kind of “forbidden” feeling towards them. But, if a guy treats you so nicely, you should give him a chance. This is just my opinion though. If a guy treats a lady like a queen, he deserves to be given chances. But, if you are still lost, I say do a pros and cons list. Weigh out the good and bad for the both of them. This usually helps me when I need to pick sides. 

Anonymous said: Secretary of Juliet, you have got to help me! I've been in love with one of my guy friends. I was always in love with him before. Then, I introduced him to my best friend, and she thinks she likes him! I never told her how I felt about him, and I really don't want to set them up with each other. It'd just break my heart! And my friend has other guys in love with her anyway! And she always messes with those guys! The guy I'm in love with doesn't deserve something like that. Please help!

Hon, I think you should really tell this guy how you feel. If your heart is really invested in him, he deserves to know. And if your friend isn’t the kind to commit, you should tell her you really care about your friend and you like him yourself. If your friend cares for you, she’d understand. Then, take her feelings into consideration. If you feel you should still like the guy, just think about it a little more. Then make your decision. I hope this works out for you. 

Anonymous said: Dear Secretary of Juliet, Thank you for having this blog. I really don't know who else to turn to. My friends always judge me for liking the guy I do, because of his past. They think he'll end up hurting me like he's hurt the other girls he's been with. Also, because his ex just won't leave me alone. She wants me to leave him. I don't know how else to prove he's changed to them. He makes me smile and laugh all the time. But, I don't know what to do!

Love, you have got a situation on your hands. Usually when your girlfriends don’t approve of the guy that you’re with, it’s for good reasons. They’re just worried about your well being and are just looking out for you. If this guy has a reputation for hurting girls, there is a big chance he will do the same thing to you. And as for the ex girlfriend, you should tell someone about it if she is threatening you. If she is really becoming a bother to you, you should think, “is a guy really worth all of this?” And honey, no guy is worth that kind of torture. I know it’s going to feel like you’ve lost because it’s seem that you’d given up, but you really should think about your safety first. I hope this has helped some way or another. Take care, love. 


Secretary of Juliet 

Anonymous said: Dear Secretary of Juliet, I'm so lost. I've loved the same guy for 3 whole years. I've tried telling him that I want to be in a relationship with him, but he always tells me that he's not ready. I'm so desperate to have him, but I don't think he feels the same about me. Please tell me what I should do???

Hello love :) This is actually a toughy. You should probably give him an ultimatum. Tell him to either be committed to you or to just move on. Three years is a really long time to wait hand and foot on someone’s feelings. I don’t know the whole situation, but it seems he’s had you on the side for a while. You aren’t a priority for this guy. If you were, he would’ve made your relationship official a long time ago. Please don’t take this the wrong way, love, but you deserve better than to be someone’s option. There are many great men out there, who’d be just as desperate to have you as you’d have them. 


Secretary of Juliet 

Anonymous said: I've fallen in love with my best friend. I don't know how it happened or why. I've tried my hardest to get over it, but it seems damn near impossible. He makes me laugh and smile everyday. I really wish he hadn't. Because it hurts knowing I can't do the same for him. He's got a new girlfriend and he's so happy. Obviously telling him how I feel is out of the question, because his happiness means so much to me, and I could never do anything to jeopardize that. I love him too much. What do I do?

My Darling,

I apologize you are going through this. I, too, have gone through this exact situation. What I regret is not telling him how I felt, even when I knew he didn’t feel the same way about me. Now, I know he has a girlfriend and you don’t want anything to ruin both their relationship and yours with him. But, if it’s hurting you too much to an extent where you can’t be happy at all, you should just tell him how you feel. However, if you feel you can cope without letting him know your true feelings for the sake of your circumstances, just move on. I’m pretty sure you’re beautiful, and someone great will someday be the owner of your precious heart. Who knows? Maybe it’ll be him. Just don’t forget to live. 


The Secretary of Juliet 

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